Collections about Austria document the outbreak and course of World War I, Austria's struggle to remain independent during the 1930s, its wartime involvement on the side of the Axis, its occupation by Allied forces from 1945 to 1955, and its emergence as an independent, neutral state after 1955. 

Alfred Hermann Fried Papers

Austrian pacificist; Nobel Peace Prize winner, 1911

Heinrich Kanner Writings

Austrian journalist; editor, Die Zeit (Vienna)

Nina Almond And Ralph Lutz Collection

Writings on the Treaty of St. Germain

Gilchrist Baker Stockton Papers

US minister to Austria, 1930–33

European Pictorial Collection

Photographs of the 1934 revolt in Austria

Austria. Territory Under Allied Occupation Records

Allied administration of Austria after World War II

Aleta Brownlee Papers

 Director of child welfare in Austria, United Nations Relief and Rehabilitation Administration

John Doane Hartigan Papers

Member, US military government in Austria

Austria Subject Collection

Miscellaneous materials


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Free Again! Liberation and Sovereignty: Austria, 1945–1955

May 04, 2005 STANFORD
New Increment of the Papers of Friedrich von Hayek Arrives at the Hoover Institution Archives

Some of the last remaining papers of the economist and Nobel laureate Friedrich von Hayek (1899–1992) arrived at the Hoover Institution Archives in May.

June 03, 2009
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