Focusing on the 1930–95 period, the Brazilian collections relate to economic and political conditions and  the activities of various US and other foreign diplomats in the country. Several collections pertain to Brazil during World War II; others document the era of military rule in the 1960s and early 1970s. A few collections concern foreign investment and economic development in the modern era.

John B. Cornell Papers

US anthropologist in Brazil, 1965–68

Howard Rex Cottam Papers

US diplomat in Brazil, 1956–63

Charles Anderson Gauld Papers

US historian and author

Robert A. Packenham Papers

US political scientist

Brazilian Subject Collection

Miscellaneous materials


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Hoover Fellow Herbert Klein Awarded One of Brazil’s Top Literary Prizes

The Brazilian Academy of Letters (ABL) awarded their 2010 literary prize for History and Social Sciences to Herbert Klein, Hoover senior fellow, and Francisco Vidal Luna and Iraci del Nero da Costa, professors of economics at the University of São Paulo, for their book Escravismo em São Paulo e Minas Gerais (2009).

August 06, 2010
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