The collections on Bulgaria, which began after the Balkan war of 1912, cover both world wars, more than four decades of communist rule, and the reemergence of an independent and democratic Bulgaria. Political ephemera documenting the democratic process after 1989 is more comprehensive than that from other Eastern European countries.

Kyril Drenikoff Papers, Box 241, Folder 2, Hoover Institution Archives

Explore materials relating to the history and culture of Bulgaria and activities of the post-World War II Bulgarian émigré community


Dimitri Stanchov Papers

Bulgarian diplomat, 1906–24

Ferdinand I, Czar of Bulgaria, Papers

Prince of Bulgaria, 1887–1908; czar of Bulgaria, 1908–18

Dora Gabensky Papers

Bulgarian American writer and journalist

Kyril Drenikoff Papers

Counselor to King Simeon II of Bulgaria; president, Bulgarian League for Human Rights

Bulgarian Subject Collection

Miscellaneous materials on Bulgaria

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Spas Raikin as a student in Bulgaria in 1946, during a summer job building a rai

Oswald’s Bulgarian Connection: The Spas Raikin Papers

Friday, January 20, 2012

The Hoover Archives has received the papers of Spas Raikin, a Bulgarian-American historian, and émigré anti-communist activist. His papers, contained in ninety-nine binders, document Raikin’s historical research and writing as well as Bulgarian émigré activities in the United States. Binder nr. 71, however, is different from the others. It documents an episode in Raikin’s life that has a place in world history: his meeting with Lee Harvey Oswald in the port at Hoboken, New Jersey on June 13, 1962, when Oswald was returning from the Soviet Union.



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Poster Collection

Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty Broadcast Records

RFE/RL Corporate Records, Box 100, Folder 39, Hoover Institution Archives