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Hoover’s archival collections and library holdings contain information on US domestic and foreign business enterprises and investments and economic and commercial relationships in a number of key areas and industries, including agriculture, natural resources, manufacturing, and military and defense sectors. The materials also address challenges in global trade during periods of conflict and cooperation.

Laissez Faire Books Records, Box 16, Hoover Institution Archives

New York publishing company founded in 1972


Herbert Hoover Subject Collection

Secretary of commerce, 1921­­–28; US president, 1928–33

A. Daniel O’Neal Papers

Chairman, US Interstate Commerce Commission, 1973–79

Winifred Armstrong Papers

Economist, American Metals Climax, 1966–75

J. B. Condliffe Papers

US economist; member, Economic Intelligence Service, 1931–37M

Julean Herbert Arnold Papers

Founder, American Chamber of Commerce, Shanghai

Alonzo Bland Calder Papers

US consular officer, concerned with trade relations with the Soviet Union, China, Egypt, and Malaya

James C. Miller Papers

Chairman, US Federal Trade Commission

Bion Samuel Gregory Papers

US businessman in Mexico

Antony C. Sutton Papers

US-British political scientist and historian

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An Oriental Corporation brochure from the early 1950s, when the company moved fr

Hoover Acquires Personal Papers of Well-Known Chinese Industrialist and Entrepreneur

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

The Hoover Institution Library and Archives recently acquired the personal papers of Song Feiqing (1898—1956), best known for his role in modern China’s industrialization and promoting the spirit of entrepreneurship in China.


Papers of Vladimir Chelminski, former Executive Director of the Caracas (Venezuela) Chamber of Commerce

Monday, December 6, 2010

Hoover has recently opened most of a major collection on modern Venezuela, beginning more than two decades before the election of Hugo Chavez as president in December 1998 and continuing through 2008. It includes notes, correspondence, printed matter and video tapes on economic, social and political conditions in Venezuela over more than three decades.



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Business & Commerce

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