Czech Republic and Slovakia


This collection is an important scholarly resource on Czech and Slovak history. The coverage is comprehensive, from the Paris Peace Conference in 1919 to the Czechoslovak Republic through World War II and communist Czechoslovakia to the post-1989 emergence of two democratic republics, Czech and Slovak.

R. Gajda Photograph Album

Commander, Czechoslovak Legion, 1918

Stefan Tiso Diary

Premier of Slovakia, 1944–45

Stefan Osuský Papers

Czechoslovak diplomat

Josef Škvorecký Papers

Czech Canadian novelist

Vilém Prečan Papers

Czech historian and political dissident

Jiří Šetina Collection

Materials related to the Czechoslovak Communist Party

Czechoslovak Independent Publications Collection

Materials published by underground and uncensored presses in Czechoslovakia

Ferdinand Peroutka Papers

Czech journalist and chief of Czechoslovak Desk, Radio Free Europe, 1950–64

Slovak Subject Collection

Miscellaneous materials


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Date (field_news_date)
Minister Schwarzenberg and a Delegation from the Czech Republic Visit Hoover

His Excellency Karel Schwarzenberg, foreign minister of the Czech Republic, met with Hoover fellows in a roundtable discussion on May 31, 2011. He was accompanied by a delegation from the foreign ministry that included Czech ambassador to the United States Petr Gandalovic, Czech consul general in Los Angeles Michal Sedlacek (an alumnus of Hoover’s Diplomat Training Program), and honorary Czech consul in San Francisco Richard Pivnicka.

May 31, 2011
Richard Sousa meets with Consul General of the Czech Republic Michael Sedlacek

On Wednesday, March 23, 2011, Richard Sousa, director of Hoover Library and Archives, met with Michael Sedlacek , consul general of the Czech Republic in Los Angeles, CA. Mr. Sedlacek participated in the Hoover Institution's Diplomat Training Program in the fall of 1993.

March 23, 2011
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