Great Britain


World Wars I and II are a major focus of the numerous collections on Great Britain. Many of them relate to the British army and Allied military operations and propaganda efforts of the British government. Other collections document twentieth-century politics, economics, and social conditions in the country and British foreign policy and colonialism. 

John Vaizey Papers

British economist, educator, and novelist

William Henry Baumer Papers

Staff officer, US military mission to Great Britain, 1942–45

British Subject Collection

Miscellaneous materials

Baron Fraser Of Kilmorack Papers

British Conservative Party politician

Institute Of Economic Affairs Records

British organization promoting free-market economic policies

Sir Robert Hamilton Bruce Lockhart Papers

British government official and author

Additional Guides

Duignan, Peter, ed. The Library of the Hoover Institution on War, Revolution and Peace. Stanford: Hoover Institution Press, 1985.

Palm, Charles, and Dale Reed. Guide to the Hoover Institution Archives. Stanford: Hoover Institution Press, 1980.


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Declassified British Documents Now Available in Hoover Collections

More than one hundred British government documents from nine archival collections at Hoover have been declassified. The majority, which are among the Charles Hill papers, are communications from the Office of the British Chargé d'Affaires in Beijing, 1966–68.

September 28, 2011
Four Thousand British Posters Added to Online Poster Database

With more than four thousand images from the United Kingdom having been recently added, the Hoover Institution’s online, searchable poster database now has some eighteen thousand images of political posters from its collection.

May 26, 2009
Image for Never Such Innocence: British Images of the First World War
Never Such Innocence: British Images of the First World War

An exhibition of government posters, photographs, fine art, and rare editions of poetry from the collections of the Hoover Institution Library and Archives, the Cantor Center for Visual Arts, and the Special Collections of Stanford University Libraries, guest curated by members of Professor Peter Stansky's class, Art and History: Modern Britain.

January 10, 2008
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