The collections on Israel and Palestine address aspects of a combined and contentious history as well as the separate histories of Israelis and Palestinians. Some pertain to Zionist activities during the British mandate in Palestine; others, to the creation of Israel, the 1967 Arab-Israeli War, and the 1967 Israeli attack on the USS Liberty. The status of Palestinians under Israeli rule and the general Israel/Palestine conflict are also covered.


James M. Ennes Papers

Lieutenant commander, US Navy; officer assigned to USS Liberty, 1967

J. C. Hurewitz Papers

US historian

Howard Everard Koch Papers

US political scientist; consultant, Permanent Mission of the League of Arab States to the United Nations, 1968–69

Maktab Jamī'at al-Duwal al-ʼArabīyah bi-al-Quds Miscellaneous Records

Jerusalem office of the League of Arab States

Alfred M. Lilienthal Papers

US anti-Zionist author; editor and publisher, Middle East Perspective, 1968–85

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Justice Rubinstein, at the Hoover Institution this summer as a Koret Visiting

Fellow makes unexpected discovery in the Hoover Archives

Monday, July 11, 2011

Elyakim Rubinstein-Migdal came to the Hoover Institution as a Koret Fellow to complete his book on the peace process between Israel and its neighbors, which draws on his nearly forty years of experience in Israeli politics, international relations, and courts. It seems, however, that he may be late in delivering his manuscript to his publisher—but for good reason.



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