Jewish History


Materials on Jewish history cover many topics, including Russian Jewish authors, Jewish organizations and personalities active in the Russian revolutionary movement, Zionism and the creation of the state of Israel, the Holocaust and the persecution of Jews in World War II, and Jewish intellectuals in modern US society. Collections also document the status of Jews in the Soviet Union and anti-Semitism in various countries.

Karl Boromäus Frank Papers

German psychologist; socialist and anti-Nazi leader

Kurt R. Grossmann Papers

German American author and journalist

Irwin T. Holtzman Collection

Miscellaneous materials relating to writers Isaak Babel’, Joseph Brodsky, and Boris Pasternak

Sidney Hook Papers

US philosopher and author

Jan Karski Papers

Liaison officer and courier of the Polish government in exile to the Polish underground, 1939–43; author, Story of a Secret State (1944)

Boris I. Nicolaevsky Collection

Russian Menshevik; archivist and historian

A. Siniavskiĭ Papers

Soviet literary critic, dissident, and political prisoner

Sino-judaic Institute Collection

US nonprofit organization

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The Rescuer and the Rescued: A Latvian Story of the Holocaust

The collections in the Hoover Institution Archives provide a record of history both large and small. It is often the exceptional stories of individuals that make larger events come to life. Edward Anders, a retired astrophysicist living in Burlingame, California, is sponsoring research into a story that is informed by his own life and the circumstances under which he survived the Holocaust in his native Latvia.

August 30, 2012
Life and Death with Honor: The Papers of  Wojewoda Alfred Bilyk

Hoover Archives has received the personal documents of Alfred Bilyk, the last Polish provincial governor (wojewoda) of Lwow (now Lviv). A prominent member of the professional and political elite of interwar Poland, Bilyk committed suicide in September 1939, in the final days of Poland’s struggle against the Nazi and Soviet invaders in September 1939. The papers are a gift from Bilyk’s family in Brazil.

June 06, 2011
Audio Interviews of Jews in China Digitized by Hoover Archives

Westerners have been intrigued by the Kaifeng Jews since the 1600s. A set of sound recordings of interviews with Chinese Jews, recorded in Kaifeng, China, in 1985, has just been digitized by the Hoover Archives.

October 06, 2010
Jan Karski sound recordings digitized by Hoover Institution

More than fifty audiotapes in the Jan Karski papers have been digitally reformatted for preservation and access by the Hoover Archives.

September 01, 2010
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