The Netherlands

Many of the Dutch collections spotlight the experience of the Netherlands under German occupation in World War II, including living conditions in the country and its resistance to the occupiers. Other collections pertain to World War I, politics in the interwar years, and Dutch foreign relations in the twentieth century.

Hoover Institution Archives Poster Collection, NE 56

Letters from Dutch children to American children, in gratitude for American food relief in the Netherlands at the end of World War II.


Cornelia Dutilh-van Vollenhoven Diary

Dutch housewife on conditions in the Netherlands under German occupation

Stanley Kuhl Hornbeck Papers

US ambassador to the Netherlands, 1944–47

Martinus Nijhoff Collection

Materials related to the German occupation of the Netherlands

Louis Raemaekers Papers

Dutch cartoonist

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Hoover Library and Archives Present “Sharply Drawn: The Political Cartoons of Louis Raemaekers: 1914–1941”

Monday, January 22, 2007

Political cartooning has always been fraught with controversy and even danger; today’s cartoonists are not the first to have their work condemned.

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