The Peruvian collections cover the time span from World War I  to the modern era. Several  have materials concerning the Tacna-Arrica territorial dispute between Peru and Chile. Others deal with international agricultural and education assistance programs in Peru. One pertains to the Communist Party of Peru; another relates to the Maoist guerrilla organization Sendero Luminoso.

Charles Wellington Furlong Papers

Member, Tacna-Arica Commission, 1926

Paul Navarro Collection

Materials related to the Partido Comunista del Perú

Sendero Luminoso Publications

Peruvian guerrilla organization

Jean Helen Meadowcroft Papers

United States Agency for International Development official

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Hoover visiting fellow Gabriela Tarazona-Sevillano addresses the question of whether terrorists can be tried in civilian courts using lessons learned from the Shining Path experience in Peru

Hoover visiting fellow Gabriela Tarazona-Sevillano was a criminal affairs prosecuting attorney in Peru and has taught for many years in the United States. She is author of Sendero Luminoso and the Threat of Narcoterrorism. In a lecture at the Stanford Law School on Thursday, February 10, sponsored by the Hoover Archives and the Stanford International Law Society, Tarazona-Sevillano discussed whether military or civilian courts would be best suited for terrorist trials.

February 10, 2011
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