A substantial collection of digitized audio interviews of more than one hundred Latin American leaders is available for listening in the Hoover Archives reading room. The interviews, consisting of more than 200 hours of listening, provide extensive information about political, economic, and social conditions in Latin America. The Hoover Institution acquired the audiotapes in 1990.

A brief sampling of those interviewed includes Juan Atilo Bramuglia of Argentina, Octavio O’Connor d’Arlach of Bolivia, Alceu Amoroso Lima of Brazil, Gustavo Campana of Chile, and Luis Lopez de Mesa of Colombia. The countries of Brazil, Chile, Mexico, and Peru are particularly well represented.

The interviews were done by Ronald Hilton, who founded the Institute for Hispanic American and Luso-Brazilian Studies at Stanford University in 1948 and served as its director until 1964. He subsequently established what would become the World Association of International Studies; in 1987 he became a visiting fellow at the Hoover Institution.

The guide to the Ronald Hilton papers contains a list of the interviewees (boxes 2–16). The recordings are available for listening during the archive’s regular reading room hours; for information on purchasing copies, please click on Audiovisual Services.

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