Declassified Documents From Hoover Collections Now Available

Monday, June 29, 2015
Paul Henze Papers, Box 68, Folder 9, Hoover Institution Archives

More than fifty-two files of U.S. government records from twenty-five different archival collections at Hoover have been declassified. The collections were created by diplomatic, military, and other government officials.

Since 2001, a government team has been visiting the Hoover Archives to review security-classified records, which are then evaluated by the relevant federal agencies. Some records were released in full, others in part, and some remain classified. The newly declassified records now available are the second set of declassified materials to have been returned to Hoover. As the process continues and government agencies continue their review, more declassified documents will become available, a process that is likely to take years.

The relevant collections are listed below. The declassified materials are generally available at the end of the collection, and will be listed in the descriptions below.

Heber Blankenhorn typescript

Church A. Chappell papers

William C. Dennis papers

Gerald A. Drew papers

Keith Eiler papers

Milliard Goodfellow papers

Marshall Green papers

Paul B. Henze papers

Robert C. Hill papers

Ronald Hirst papers

Herbert Hoover papers

Arthur Kemp papers

London Naval Conference records

Tom Mboya papers

John H. Morse papers

Chester A. Peteritas papers

Robert C. Richardson papers

David N. Rowe papers

Ginetta Sagan papers

Truman Smith papers

Walter B. Snook papers

Gino Speranza papers

Robert A. Theobald papers

Paul Van der Stricht papers

Raymond Wheeler papers