A Chinese-language television documentary about the Chiang Kai-shek diaries at the Hoover Archives can be viewed on YouTube. Released in February, the extensive footage from Hoover that appears in Part One was taped in August 2008. (10:41)

Although most of the first seven minutes involve Hoover, some of those minutes may be of particular interest:

00:39 - Elizabeth Chiang at Hoover (in Chinese)

00:52 - Chiang Kai-shek’s original diaries (in Chinese)

02:00 - Richard Sousa, senior associate director of the library and archives (in English)

02:38 - Linda Bernard, deputy archivist (in English)

03:58 - Richard Sousa (in English)

04:44 - Ramon Myers, senior fellow (in English)

05:25 - Tai-chun Kuo, research fellow (in Chinese)

06:15 - Hoover Archives book and paper lab, microfilm lab (in Chinese)

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