Hoover Provides Access To Newly Declassified Documents

Wednesday, February 3, 2016
A postcard of Coblentz, Germany, sent from Truman Smith to his wife, Kay

Government records from collections at Hoover Library & Archives have recently been declassified. The collections were created by diplomatic, military, and other government officials.

Since 2001, a government team has been visiting the Hoover Archives to review security-classified records, which are then evaluated by the relevant federal agencies. Some records are released in full, others in part, and some remain classified. As government agencies continue their review, more declassified documents will become available in the future.

The relevant collections are listed below. The declassified materials are generally available at the end of the Online Archive of California finding aids.


William R. Philp collection

Poland. Ambasada (Soviet Union) records

Charles Alan Pownall papers

Eugene F. Quinn papers

John Marshall Raymond papers

Alvin Franklin Richardson papers

Robert C. Richardson papers

Frank N. Roberts papers

Eugene T. Rossides papers

Charles E. Rothwell papers

David Nelson Rowe papers

John F. Russell collection

Lorenzo S. Sabin papers

Ernest Schelling papers

Hubert G. Schenck papers

David M. Shoup papers

Charles Francis Sloane papers

Ralph Corbett Smith papers

Truman Smith papers

Harry Roscoe Snyder papers

T. V. (Tzu-wen) Soong papers

Adolph Suehsdorf papers

John K. Tabor papers