Institute for Humane Studies’ Audiotapes Digitized

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Nearly one hundred and fifty audiotapes of lectures delivered at the Institute for Humane Studies have been digitized for preservation and access by Hoover’s audio lab. The institute is a US nonprofit organization that promotes laissez-faire economics. The tapes include lectures on economics and political theory by Milton Friedman, Friedrich von Hayek, John Jewkes, Arthur Kemp, Felix Morley, Bruno Leoni, Jacques Rueff, and others.

The audiotapes represent the bulk of the Institute for Humane Studies miscellaneous records at the Hoover Institution Archives. Also included in the collection are correspondence, memorandums, and financial records relating to the production of the festschrift Toward Liberty (1971) in honor of Ludwig von Mises and a visit to the United States by Friedrich von Hayek in 1975.

Use copies of the recordings are available for listening at the Hoover Archives. To set up an appointment to visit or purchase copies if you cannot visit, please see Duplication Orders.