New Descriptions of US and Canada Collections Now Available

Monday, July 13, 2015
Williamson M. Evers

New finding aids to fifteen collections from the US and Canada are now available through the Online Archive of California. Highlights include an FBI agent's research on "subversives" in the US during the Cold War, memorabilia from Herbert Hoover's presidential campaigns, and poetry by a Canadian satirist.

Williamson M. Evers
The papers of Hoover fellow Williamson Evers are now fully described and open to the public

Arnold Beichman Papers

The papers of this US journalist and author contain drafts of several books written by Beichman, numerous of articles and columns published in The Washington Times, as well as research materials pertaining to communism, the Soviet Union, and politics in the US and Great Britain.

Center for Libertarian Studies Records

This US nonprofit organization for the promotion of libertarianism and libertarian research was founded in 1976 by Murray Newton Rothbard and Burton S. Blumert. Its records are composed of correspondence, reports, conference papers, photographs and other materials related to immigration, education, economics, philosophy, and non-violence.

Petr Den (Ladislav Radimský) Papers

The papers of Petr Den, a Czechoslovak diplomat and émigré writer in the US, include correspondence, writings, radio transcripts, serial issues, and other printed matter, relating to Czechoslovak émigré affairs, Czechoslovak culture, and Western radio broadcasting to Czechoslovakia.

Education and World Affairs Records

A predecessor of the International Council for Educational Development, this US nonprofit organization was founded to promote internationalism in colleges and universities in the United States in 1962. Its records include governing documents, minutes, correspondence, memoranda, reports, and printed matter, relating to international education.

Williamson M. Evers Papers

The papers of this US libertarian include bulletins, newsletters, clippings, election campaign literature, serial issues, minutes, correspondence, reports, memoranda, manuals, curricular material, and photographs, relating to libertarian thought in the United States, activities of the Libertarian Party, and Libertarian Party electoral campaigns, especially the 1984 campaign of David Bergland for president of the United States; establishment of academic standards for California public schools; and national educational policy in the United States.

Henry Franklin Gadsby Papers

Gadsby’s papers document his literary career as a political satirist, poet, and war correspondent, through correspondence, drafts, and published works. The papers mainly relate to Canadian and British politics, primarily in the interwar period, and to British Empire war efforts during World War I.

Annie G. Lyle Papers

Annie Lyle, a physician in Northern California, was in the Pioneer Class of 1895 at Stanford University, where she befriended Herbert Hoover. Later, Lyle was a Republican Party campaign worker for Hoover’s presidential campaign. Her papers include correspondence, clippings, and campaign literature, relating to Hoover and the US presidential elections of 1928 and 1932.

Robert H. Malott Letters Received

The papers of this chairman and chief executive officer of FMC Corporation contain letters received from US and foreign political, diplomatic, military and business leaders, relating to domestic and international affairs.

Lee Roberts Pennington Papers

The papers of Pennington, an FBI agent who specialized in investigating radical left-wing activities, include correspondence, speeches, reports, memoranda, serial issues, clippings, and other printed matter, relating to communism, subversive activities in the US, and investigative activities of the FBI and private organizations.

Lelan Flor Sillin Papers

A public utility executive, Sillin was the chief executive officer and chairman of the board for Northeast Utilities (1961–83) and director and chairman for the Institute of Nuclear Power Operations (1980–85). His papers relate to the electric and nuclear power industries and to environmental and energy policy in the US, and especially to activities of the Institute of Nuclear Power Operations, the Atomic Industrial Forum, and the Electric Power Research Institute.

R. Harris Smith Papers

Smith’s papers consist mainly of his written works about the intelligence community in the US, starting with the Office of Strategic Services through the rise of the Central Intelligence Agency and National Security Administration. Also includes are his research materials for his book OSS: The Secret History of America's First Central Intelligence Agency and a draft biography of Allen Dulles entitled "Spy-Master's Odyssey: The Secret Service of Allen Dulles."

Gordon Tullock Papers

These papers document the career of Gordon Tullock, an economist known for his work on the theories of public choice and rent-seeking. The collection includes writings, correspondence, studies, reports, and printed matter related to decision-making theory, political and economic theory, and legal procedure. 

David Walter Collection

Walter’s collection includes serial issues, pamphlets, leaflets, newsletters, bulletins, and election campaign material, relating to libertarianism, and issued by the Libertarian Party and other libertarian organizations in the US, including many state, local and campus libertarian groups, and by libertarian organizations in Canada.

Vervon Orval Watts Papers

A conservative economist and early critic of the New Deal, Watts maintained a lifelong commitment to laissez-faire principles, opposing government intervention in the economy and most social welfare programs. His papers include his writings, research materials, writings by others, and collected printed matter.

World Federalist Association of Northern California Records

Records from the local branch of the World Federalist Association of the United States relate to international organization and the United Nations, and especially to the 22nd World Congress of the World Federalist Movement, held in San Francisco in 1995.