Newly Digitized Vietnam War Material Now Available Online

Monday, March 20, 2017
Johnny Cash performing for US soldiers in Vietnam in 1971.

Above: Johnny Cash performs for US soldiers in Vietnam in 1971.

Hoover Library & Archives is pleased to announce that two newly digitized collections related to the Vietnam War are now available online through Hoover’s digital collections portal. Hoover now has a total of 1219 Vietnam-related materials online.

The latest additions to the Vietnam-related online materials include the Martin Florian Herz collection of propaganda leaflets, a collection of  North Vietnamese and Viet Cong propaganda directed at American soldiers in Vietnam during 1967-1968. Also included are contact sheets and related descriptions from Hoover’s Overseas Weekly collection. This collection includes rare photographs taken by both soldiers and professional photographers in Vietnam, Laos, and Cambodia and published in the soldier-run periodical Overseas Weekly—a journal that published in defiance of censored and US Department of Defense sanctioned periodicals such as Stars and Stripes. The photograph collection provides a raw glimpse into the daily lives of US GIs in Vietnam, both in billets and combat. Originally digitized by the donor but never before made available online, the Overseas Weekly collection provides researchers an all-new view of the attitudes and activities of US soldiers in Southeast Asia.

The digitization of the two collections constitutes a significant step forward in allowing remote researchers access to Hoover’s strong holdings on the Vietnam War.

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Johnny Cash, June Carter, and Carl Perkins sign autographs and shake hands with GIs at close of show (Overseas Weekly collection, Envelope E)

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