This collection contains papers and memorabilia of Nikolai Khokhlov, a KGB defector sent to Germany in 1954 to assassinate the head of the anti-Soviet émigré organization NTS. Khokhlov declined and defected to the West, where he wrote his memoirs and became a specialist in Soviet military espionage and psychology. Most of the papers relate to those aspects of his career, including material on psychological warfare and research in parapsychology. Also included are a list of Soviet specialists in these fields, and correspondence and photographs of Khokhlov. The earliest document (a transcript of Khokhlov’s appearance before the House Un-American Activities Committee) dates from 1956 and the latest, from 1991. Khokhlov taught at California State University at San Bernardino from 1968 to 1992. He died in 2007.

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