PBS’s Antiques Roadshow shoots segment in the Hoover Archives

Friday, August 14, 2009
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The segment filmed on August 14, 2009 focuses on Hoover’s vast poster collection, consisting of more than 100,000 political posters from around the world, 33,000 of which are cataloged in a searchable database. The segment highlights World War I and World War II posters from several countries.

Many of the posters in Hoover’s collection were used to persuade or to control, giving rise to striking images. For example, to counteract the large numbers of men conscripted by the German government during World War I, English officials enacted an aggressive propaganda campaign creating posters, leaflets, and newsletters that appealed to patriotism, honor, and manliness, among other virtues; the result was a British volunteer force of between two and three million.

Hoover’s entire poster collection can be viewed by visiting the Hoover archives on the Stanford campus.

For questions relating to Hoover’s poster collection, please contact carol.leadenham [at] stanford.edu (Carol Leadenham).

The segment will air on an Antiques Roadshow program in 2010.

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