Sound Recordings in Boris I. Nicolaevsky Collection Digitized

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Thirty-nine tape recordings containing the speeches and words of Boris Nicolaevsky, Rafail Abramovich Abramovich, and others have been completely digitized for access and preservation. The recordings, which date from 1957 to 1961, are from series 293 and 296 of the Nicolaevsky collection. Use copies are available for listening at the Hoover Archives.

The recordings are primarily of lectures on the history of the Russian revolutionary movement delivered by Nicolaevsky at Harvard University in 1960. Others include an undated informal meeting of Abramovich with others and a speech by Abramovich at a meeting protesting the treatment of Jews in the Soviet Union that was broadcast to the Soviet Union by Radio Liberty. Various speeches by U.S. politicians and Russian émigrés celebrating the eightieth birthday of Abramovich in 1960 and the thirty-fifth anniversary of Sotsialisticheskii vestnik, the serial publication of the Rossiĭskaia sotsial-demokraticheskaia rabochaia partiia, in 1957 are also included.

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