Propaganda posters proliferated throughout the 20th century to promote values, ideals, and patriotism. With a mix of text and graphic design, they are an ideal tool to disseminate a message, yet they have also become revered for their artistic merits as well. The graphic art of posters, regardless of original messaging, is regularly repurposed when proven popular and the poster collection at the Hoover Institution Library & Archives is a trove of amazing graphics that catch the eye and spark the imagination.

Dynamic Design: Transforming Posters at Hoover, the latest exhibition on view in Hoover Tower, will present the transformative potential of archival material by pairing Hoover Digest covers with the original posters that inspired their design. Hoover Digest is but one example of how posters, when repurposed for a new audience, can produce eye-opening results. In addition to those on display, a number of posters featured on the cover of Hoover Digest have been digitized and will be available to explore through a digital touch table in the gallery. The digitized materials from this project will be featured in an online exhibition and eventually added to the Library & Archives Digital Collections website, which can be freely accessed globally. 

The exhibition is organized and curated by the Hoover Institution Library & Archives.

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