The collections on Finland contain significant materials on modern Finnish history; several relate to the Russo-Finnish War of 1939–40, especially US fund-raising efforts to provide civilian relief to Finland. Others pertain to Finnish foreign policy and domestic politics in the twentieth century.

Herbert Hoover Subject Collection, Envelope H, Hoover Institution Archives

Explore the records this US relief organization


Finnish Relief Fund Records

US relief organization

Harold H. Fisher Papers  

US historian; director, Hoover Institution, 1943–52

Malbone W. Graham Papers

US political scientist

Rudolf Holsti Papers

Finnish foreign minister, 1919–22, 1936–38


Miscellaneous materials

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Finland Archival Collections     Finland Library Materials

Duignan, Peter, ed. The Library of the Hoover Institution on War, Revolution and Peace. Stanford: Hoover Institution Press, 1985.

Palm, Charles, and Dale Reed. Guide to the Hoover Institution Archives. Stanford: Hoover Institution Press, 1980.

Spanish Civil War from an anarchist art album

Hoover Institution Library and Archives Host Exhibition “Shattered Peace: The Road to World War II”

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

STANFORD—Next year marks the seventieth anniversary of the outbreak of World War II. “Shattered Peace,” an exhibition by the Hoover Institution Library and Archives, chronicles the events leading up to the war by drawing on their rich holdings.

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Former president Herbert Hoover used his formidable humanitarian-relief abilities to help Poles and Finns.

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Images of some of the baseball artifacts found in the archives, ranging from photographs of early baseball games at Stanford University through documents showing the various ways that baseball has surfaced in wartime, humanitarian relief activities in Finland, and politics throughout the twentieth century.