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Hoover Library & Archives Workshop on Latin American Studies


The Hoover Library & Archives Workshop on Latin American Studies is a Hoover Archives initiative that has sponsored several conferences jointly with the Center for Latin American Studies of Stanford University and other institutions.  Organized by Hoover fellow Herbert S. Klein, Gouverneur Morris Emeritus Professor of History at Columbia University, the workshop initiative includes multi-day conferences as well as all-day seminars during which participants present their research and attend public lectures by leading scholars in the field. The first of the joint conferences, which was also sponsored with the Instituto Investigaciones Historicas Emilio Ravignani of the Universidad de Buenos Aires, was a conference entitled “Juan Doming Perón in Exile” based on Hoover’s collection of Perón's correspondence.  The second of these joint conferences was co-sponsored by the Department of History of the University of California at Davis and focused on “The Sendero Luminoso Rebellion in Peru 1980-1992,” which was the Maoist revolutionary movement that almost seized power in Peru in the 1990s. Participants in the workshop drew upon their research in the Peruvian archives at Hoover.  Future conferences will also be based on Hoover collections and will also involve joint sponsorship with the Stanford Center for Latin American Studies as well as other local universities and centers.  

Information about the 2016 Workshop on Latin American Studies may be found here. Currently, participation in the Workshop on Latin American Studies is by invitation only. For more information about the workshop, please contact Herbert S. Klein, curator for Latin American collections at Hoover.

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Herbert S. Klein

Curator, Latin America Collection / Research Fellow

Herbert S. Klein is a research fellow at the Hoover Institution and curator of the Latin America collection in the Hoover Institution Library & Archives. He had been a professor of history and the director of the Center for Latin American Studies at Stanford University....

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