Collections documenting journalists, editors, and their profession are abundant and span many geographic areas. The papers of foreign correspondents, especially during wartime, include reporting on the Spanish Civil War, Chinese Civil War, both world wars, and conflicts in the Middle East. Radio broadcasts and news commentary also exist, notably in the records of Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty. 

Nym Wales Papers

US journalist in China

Karl H. Von Wiegand Papers

Hearst newspaper foreign correspondent, 1917–61

Lester Ziffren Papers

United Press bureau chief, Madrid, 1933–36

Lewis H. Lapham Papers

US journalist; editor, Harper’s Magazine, 1971–81

Randall Chase Gould Papers

US journalist in China

John K. Cooley Papers

US journalist in Middle East

Mark Sullivan Papers

Editor, Collier’s Weekly, 1912–19; columnist, New York Herald-Tribune, 1923–52

George E. Sokolsky Papers

US journalist; editor, Far Eastern Review, 1927–30

Milly Bennett Papers

US journalist in China, the Soviet Union, and Spain

Ralph De Toledano Papers

US journalist; national reports editor, Newsweek, 1948–60

Claire Sterling Papers

US journalist and author on organized crime and terrorism

Iris Chang Papers

US journalist and author

Joseph Freeman Papers

Editor, New Masses, 1926–37; editor, Partisan Review, 1934–36

Radio Free Europe/radio Liberty Broadcast Records

US radio broadcasting organization

Radio Free Europe/radio Liberty Corporate Records

US radio broadcasting organization

Burnett Bolloten Papers

United Press war correspondent in Spain, 1936–38

Said Hyder Akbar Sound Recordings

US author in Afghanistan, 2002–3


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Stepanov family papers find home in Hoover Archive

This collection should interest researchers studying both Soviet feminism and the Soviet propaganda system. Anna Abramovna Stepanova (Faikina) (1910–87), a journalist, participated in a 10,000–kilometer Women’s Auto Race in honor of Stalin’s constitution in 1936; the race is documented in a number of photographs and associated materials. In other photographs, she and her husband, Aleksandr Vasil’evich Stepanov (1906–65), are shown with I. G. Bolshakov, the Soviet minister of cinematography from 1946 to 1953, S. A. Lozovskii, head of the Sovinformbiuro (the official news and propaganda agency of the Soviet government, formed during the Second World War), as well as Soviet military leaders Marshals V.D. Sokolovskii and S. M. Budennyi.

February 12, 2013
Hoover Institution acquires increment to Nym Wales papers

The materials contain Nym Wales’s 1989 unpublished manuscript, in which she gave penetrating insights into the occurrences in Tiananmen Square on June 4, 1989, Chinese-American relations, globalism, a reflection on her eighty-second birthday in 1989, as well as her correspondence with Communist Chinese provincial organizations and friends within and outside the United States in the late 1980s and the early 1990s.

July 22, 2011
Hoover Institution Archives Acquires the Papers of Jude Wanniski and Robert L. Bartley

The Hoover Institution is pleased to announce the acquisition of the archival collections of journalists Jude Wanniski and Robert L. Bartley, two of the most influential interpreters and advocates of conservative economic theories during the past several decades.

May 27, 2008
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Bronze Statue of Writer and Journalist Iris Chang Dedicated

Calling her the “voice of the underprivileged” and a “fighter for people” family and friends of writer and journalist Iris Chang gathered at an unveiling of a bronze statue of her on Thursday, February 1, at the Hoover Institution. The statue, donated by the China Foundation for Human Rights Development, will be on permanent display in the Hoover Archives Reading Room.

February 08, 2007
Hoover Institution Archives Acquires Papers of Middle East Specialist and Award-winning Journalist John K. Cooley

The papers of John K. Cooley, a veteran journalist who covered the Middle East and North Africa for the Christian Science Monitor and ABC News, have recently been acquired by the Hoover Institution Archives.

April 28, 2009
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