Poland (pre–World War II)


Materials pertaining to Poland begin in the 1860s and are particularly rich for the decade 1910–20, which saw the political struggle for Polish independence before and during World War I, the cause of Poland at the Versailles Conference, and the war against Bolshevik Russia in 1920–21. The remaining years of the Second Republic are best documented in the Hoover Library’s rich Polish interwar holdings.

Valerian Platonovich Platonov Papers

Russian state secretary for Polish affairs, 1864–66

Polish Subject Collection

Miscellaneous materials

Ignace Jan Paderewski Papers

Polish statesman and musician; premier, 1919

Okhrana Records

Russian Imperial Secret Police, Paris office, 1883–1917

Helena Paderewska Memoirs

Wife of Ignace Paderewski, prime minister of Poland

Mieczysław Jałowiecki Memoirs

Polish Lithuanian agricultural expert, architect, and engineer

Włodzimierz Wiskowski Collection

Miscellaneous materials

Janusz Cisek Collection

Miscellaneous materials

Poland Delegacja Przy Lidze Narodów Telegrams

Polish delegation to the League of Nations


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Kresowiak soldiers wall-papers
Newly Cataloged Library Materials September-October 2022

November 10, 2022
Helena Paderewska Memoirs Discovered in the Hoover Archives

Not long ago the Hoover Archives received the papers and memorabilia of the US musician and military intelligence officer Ernest Schelling. Found during initial sorting of the materials was a tattered manila envelope containing two unsigned typewritten copies of a text in English ending with “Riond Bosson, Morges, Switzerland, May 29, 1920.”

February 06, 2014
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Hoover Institution Exhibit Draws Thousands across Poland; Renews Ties between the United States and Poland


June 20, 2005 STANFORD
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"American Friendship: Herbert Hoover and Poland" Exhibition to open in Warsaw

November 10, 2004 STANFORD
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