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Lou Henry Hoover: The 150 Year Legacy

A Stanford-wide celebration of an extraordinary alumna.

The year 2024 marks the sesquicentennial birthday of Lou Henry Hoover (1874–1944). A remarkable person and independent woman ahead of her time, she brought her intellect and hardworking spirit to all her many roles in life – from scientist to author, mother to Girl Scout leader, and as the first lady of the United States.


The Department of Earth and Planetary Sciences, Stanford Libraries, and the Hoover Institution Library & Archives are pleased to present this celebration of the incredible 150 year legacy of the extraordinary Lou Henry Hoover.


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Celebrate Lou Henry Hoover At Stanford University

Geocorner and Branner Library Exhibition

March 29, 2004 at 11am
Geocorner Building and Branner Library
The Department of Earth and Planetary Sciences is celebrating Lou Henry Hoover, its pioneering first female graduate, with a photo exhibit in the Geocorner Building, where she took classes during her time at Stanford.

Carillon Concert

March 29, 2024 at 12:15pm
Hoover Tower Lawn

A musical tribute to Lou Henry Hoover in celebration of her 150th birthday. The carillon in Hoover Tower will be performed by Stanford University carillonneur Timothy Zerlang.


April 18, 2024 at 12:00pm

In celebration of Lou Henry Hoover's enduring 150 year legacy, join us as biographer Annette Dunlap shares insights into this extraordinary woman and her dedication to Stanford University.

Lou Henry Hoover and Zoological Club having a picnic

Stanford Zoology Club having a picnic with Lou Henry Hoover seated at center (holding pickaxe and apple), circa 1897. Stanford Digital Repository.


Learn more about Lou Henry Hoover and her life through various digital stories created by scholars across Stanford University.

detail of photo of Lou Henry Hoover circa 1902

Lou Henry Hoover, 1874–1944

An immersive look into the life of Lou Henry Hoover, by Stanford student Zach Nunn, in celebration of her 150th birthday.

Photograph of Herbert and Lou Henry Hoover

An Uncommon Couple

Discover the inspiring lives of Herbert and Lou Henry Hoover, and their shared passions for education, peace, and freedom.

Colored photograph of LHH House, Stanford University

Cardinal Roots

Explore the deep connection between Herbert and Lou Henry Hoover and their alma matter, Stanford University.

Photograph of a heartshaped thank you note to Herbert Hoover dated 1915

A Path To Peace

Discover the early humanitarian work of Herbert and Lou Henry Hoover that was grounded in their life long desire for a peaceful world.

Black and white photograph of Mr. & Mrs. Herbert Hoover seated next to each other.

Freedom First

Learn how the Hoovers’ gratitude for the extraordinary opportunities afforded them by the American way of life inspired their commitment to public service.

Resources to Learn More

Explore these articles, research guides, and other resources to learn more about Lou Henry Hoover

Celebrating the Life of Lou

An article about the life of Lou Henry Hoover published by the Hoover Institution during its centennial celebration in 2019.

LHH Research Guide

Curated research guide devoted to Lou Henry Hoover and highlights the best collections at HILA to research her life and times.

Stanford Searchworks

Explore the breadth of research material about Lou Henry Hoover available throughout Stanford's Libraries and in the Stanford Digital Repository.

First Lady Lou Henry Hoover

The Herbert Hoover Presidential Library & Museum's landing page to learn about Lou Henry Hoover with media galleries.

LHH and the Friends of Music

This Stanford Historical Society presentation by Elena Danielson examines Lou Henry Hoover's efforts towards the founding of the Friends of Music.

LHH at The White House

A review of Lou Henry Hoover's time and work while living at the White House via their official first families page.

LHH and the Rights of Women

This Stanford Historical Society presentation by Elena Danielson reviews Lou's four careers beyond that of “First Lady”: writer, geologist, architect, and philanthropist.

A Stitch in Time

Belgian women, rescued by US aid in WWI, thanked Americans by sending messages made from traditional lace and needlework. Lou Henry Hoover gathered those fragile reminders of a historic humanitarian moment.

Events At The Herbert Hoover Presidential Library and Museum

The celebration continues in West Branch, Iowa, with our colleagues at the National Archives.

LHH talk nara

March 30: Lou Henry Hoover: Pioneer. Humanitarian. Leader.

A special presentation highlighting the extraordinary life of Lou Henry Hoover. Hear from various speakers who will discuss Lou's fashion as First Lady of the United States, her leadership with the Girl Scouts, and her connection with Stanford University.

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Lou Henry Hoover

March 29: Celebrate Lou Henry Hoover's Birthday!

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March 29: Ask an Archivist, Converse with a Curator

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