Join us for an online talk by scholar Annette Dunlap, the most recent biographer of Lou Henry Hoover (1874–1944), in celebration of the 150 year legacy of the Hoovers and their dedication to Stanford University. This event is presented in partnership by the Hoover Institution Library & Archives, the Department of Earth and Planetary Sciences, and Stanford Libraries

Lou Henry Hoover’s powerful legacy endures in the ongoing success of the Girl Scouts, the music and physical therapy degree programs at Stanford University, athletic opportunities for women, and the countless unknown men and women who received an education thanks to Lou’s anonymous financial support. Dunlap will dive into Lou's time at Stanford and she will share with us stories of Lou's humor, personality, and intellect, alongside her extraordinary accomplishments.


About the Speaker

Photo of author Annette Dunlap

Annette B. Dunlap is an independent scholar and journalist. She is the author of Frank: The Story of Frances Folsom Cleveland, America’s Youngest First Lady; The Gambler’s Daughter: A Personal and Social History; and Charles Gates Dawes: A Life. Her most recent publication is A Woman of Adventure: The Life and Times of First Lady Lou Henry Hoover (Potomac Books, 2022).



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