The political and social conditions in Iraq under Saddam Hussein from 1968 to 2003 and the US military occupation of Iraq in 2003 are well documented. Records of the Ba'ath Arab Socialist Party of Iraq, with more than ten million digitized pages and one hundred video files, are one of the largest digital collections in the archives. 

John R. Bruning Collection

US military and aviation historian

Hiẓb Al-ba'th Al-'arabī Al-ishtirākī Records

Ba'ath Arab Socialist Party of Iraq

Muʼassasat Al-dhākirah Al-ʼirāqīyah Records

Iraq Memory Foundation, private nonprofit organization for documentation of Iraqi history under the Ba'ath party regime

Kanan Makiya Papers

Iraqi American Middle Eastern studies scholar


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Lisa Blaydes speaks about her research in Hoover’s Ba’ath Party Archives

Lisa Blaydes, assistant professor of political science at Stanford University and a Hoover national fellow, spoke Tuesday about her research in the Hoover Institution’s Ba’ath Party Archives, which were acquired through the Iraq Memory Foundation.

July 29, 2013
Digital Images from Wars in Iraq and Afghanistan at Hoover Archives

Born-digital photographs depicting US National Guard units deployed in Iraq and Afghanistan, and images of leaflets and flyers distributed in those countries, are available for research at the Hoover Archives.

January 09, 2013
'The war will never end': Saddam's regime in Hoover Institution Archives

Millions of documents at Hoover give us an unprecedented view of the inside workings of Saddam’s authoritarian regime and how his Baath Party became a bloated bureaucracy, fed by an unending atmosphere of war. The Institution's collection on the Baath Party, which arrived at Stanford in 2008, includes nearly eleven million digitized pages and 108 video files. Hoover’s holdings on Iraq comprise fifteen collections, of which the Baath Party collection is the largest. (Another big collection includes video recordings of 190 survivors of Baath Party repression.) Click here to read the full article.

August 01, 2011
Saddam papers come to Bay Area

Amid the chaos of the U.S. lead invasion of Iraq there was discovery. There are volumes of records found in the basement of the Baath Party's regional headquarters in Baghdad. Go to the story

June 17, 2008
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