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Modern China and Taiwan


Inaugurated in 2013, Hoover’s Workshop on Modern China and Taiwan yearly brings an international roster of leading scholars in Asian studies to the Hoover Institution Library & Archives on Stanford University to discuss the rise of China as an international power. Organized by Hoover Research Fellow and Curator of Modern China and Taiwan Collections Hsiao-ting Lin, the workshop invites both junior and senior researchers to utilize Hoover’s archival treasures and share their research findings with a diverse audience.

The workshop opens Hoover’s Chinese and East Asian collections to worldwide scholarly attention across a variety of disciplines. By using collections such as the Chiang Kai-shek and Chen Bulei diaries, and the T.V. Soong and Nym Wales papers, scholars seek to understand the complicated history of China and its relationships with the United States and its Asian neighbors. In the past decade, Hoover’s China collection has undergone extraordinary development. With the acquisition of unique collections in the greater China area, including Nationalist and Communist Chinese as well as Hong Kong and Taiwanese materials, Hoover has built the world’s leading hub for modern and contemporary Chinese research, attracting hundreds of visitors annually from all over the world.

During the week-long workshop participants conduct research in the Hoover Institution Library & Archives reading room, present lunchtime talks on their scholarly projects, attend lectures, and meet with their colleagues informally at dinners and events. The topics past speakers have addressed relate to political leadership, war and revolution, and social, military, and economic transformation in the greater China area. Past speakers include book-award winners Hans Van de Ven, Rana Mitter, Joseph Esherick, Klaus Mühlhahn, Pierre Asselin, and many other leading experts from Britain, Japan, Hong Kong, and the United States.    

Currently, participation in the Workshop on Modern China and Taiwan is by invitation only. For more information concerning the workshop, please contact the organizer, Hsiao-ting Lin via email.

2023 Summer Workshop

The Hoover Institution Library & Archives Workshop on Modern China Summer 2023 was held at Stanford University on July 31–August 4.

A summary of the workshop presentations is now available, click the read more button.

(Participation in the Workshop on Modern China and Taiwan is by invitation only. For more information concerning the workshop, please contact the organizer Hsiao-ting Lin, with any questions or for information.)

Featured Collections

Previous Workshop participants have worked productively in a number of featured collections from the Library & Archives. Many participants have discovered valuable collections, whose existence they had not been aware of. The following are archives that have proven valuable for projects:

Chiang Kai-shek Diaries 蔣介石日記

Chinese military and political leader and former head of state of the Republic of China

Joshua B. Powers Collection

Materials regarding Homer Lea, military adviser to Sun Yat-sen and to the revolutionary movement in China

Francis E Stafford Photographs

US missionary in China, 1909–15 and 1932–33

T. V. Soong Papers 宋子文

Financier and official in the Chinese Nationalist government

H. H. Kung Papers 孔祥熙

Businessman and statesman in the Chinese Nationalist government

Chang Kia-ngau Papers 张嘉璈

Banker and official in the Chinese Nationalist government

Chen Cheng Collection 陳誠

Materials relating to Chinese communist activity in the Jiangxi Soviet Republic, 1931­–37

Yen Hui Ch’ing Typescript: An Autobiography 顏惠慶

Former premier of the Republic of China

Nym Wales (Helen Foster Snow) Papers

US journalist who reported from Yan’an, China, during the 1930s

Claire Lee Chennault Papers

Commanding officer of the American Volunteer Group in the Chinese Air Force’s “Flying Tigers”

Joseph Warren Stilwell Papers

US Army general in the China-Burma-India theater during World War II

Albert C. Wedemeyer Papers

US Army commander in the China and Southeast Asia theaters during World War II

Iris Chang Papers

US historian, journalist, and author, The Rape of Nanking

Lin Zhao Papers 林昭

Chinese dissident; prisoner, 1960–68

Chinese Cultural Revolution Collection

Newspaper issues, pamphlets, broadsides, and flyers issued by Red Guards


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