The Lithuanian holdings contain significant materials on that country’s modern history. Some collections, including the Turauskas Papers, pertain to Lithuania's first period of independence and its loss of sovereignty following the Soviet annexation of the Baltic States. Other collections concern political repression under Soviet rule, broadcasts to Lithuania by Radio Liberty and Radio Free Europe during the Cold War, and the Lithuanian diaspora after World War II.

Mieczyslaw Jałowiecki Memoirs and Drawings, Box 13, Image 464, Hoover Institution Archives

Recovering Lithuania's Architectural Heritage


Kajetonas Julius Čeginskas Papers

Director, Lithuanian service, Radio Liberty/Radio Free Europe

Petras Paulius Dauzvardis Papers

Lithuanian diplomat; consul general, Chicago, 1937–71

Mieczysław Jałowiecki Memoirs

Polish Lithuanian agricultural expert; chairman, Vilnius Agrarian Association

Lietuvos SSR Valstybės Saugumo Komitetas Selected Records

Lithuanian branch of the Soviet secret police organization Komitet gosudarstvennoi bezopasnosti (KGB)

Ona Šimaitė Papers

Lithuanian librarian and literary critic

Edvardas Turauskas Papers

Lithuanian ambassador to Czechoslovakia, Yugoslavia, and Romania, 1934–39; political director, ministry of foreign affairs, 1939–40

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Lithuania Archival Collections     Lithuania Library Materials

Duignan, Peter, ed. The Library of the Hoover Institution on War, Revolution and Peace. Stanford: Hoover Institution Press, 1985.

Jacobs, David. Baltic States Collections in the Hoover Institution Archives, ca. 2003.

Palm, Charles, and Dale Reed. Guide to the Hoover Institution Archives. Stanford: Hoover Institution Press, 1980.

Audrius Bruzga (right), Lithuanian ambassador to the United States

Audrius Bruzga, Lithuanian ambassador to the United States, visits the Hoover Archives

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

On January 29, 2010, Audrius Bruzga, Lithuanian ambassador to the United States, met at Hoover with Richard Sousa, director of the Hoover Library and Archives, and Maciej Siekierski, curator of Hoover’s East and Central European Collection.

The manor house of Sylgudyszki (Saldutiskis) in Lithuania as it looked in 191

Hoover Archives Helps Lithuania Recover Its Architectural Heritage

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Hoover Archives preserves not only paper documents but a wealth of historic materials in other formats: photographs, films, sound recordings, memorabilia, and art. Some Hoover art collections are well known, including the imperial-era Russian art treasures of Nikolai Bazily, the European political cartoons of Louis Raemaekers, the Gulag paintings and drawings of Thomas Sgovio. Others are less well known, such as the Mieczyslaw Jalowiecki drawings of historic manor houses and palaces in historic Poland-Lithuania, lands that include not only present-day Poland and Lithuania, but Belarus, as well as much of Ukraine and Latvia.

Maciej Siekierski (left), receives a letter of "deepest gratitude" from Sarunas

Hoover Curator Siekierski Featured at Symposium at National Museum of Lithuania

Friday, June 7, 2013

Copies of some 150 of the Mieczyslaw Jalowiecki watercolors from the Hoover Archives, created from digital images provided to the Lithuanian State Archives, were exhibited in the National Museum of Lithuania between April 25 and June 2, 2013.  A symposium on Mieczyslaw Jalowiecki and his collection was held at the museum on May 29, with one of the particpants’ being Maciej Siekierski, senior curator in the Hoover Institution Library and Archives.

Cover of register describing Opis 3

Lithuanian KGB Files on Microfilm at Hoover

Monday, March 29, 2010

More than one thousand reels of microfilmed records of the KGB in Lithuania are available at the Hoover Archives, and the collection continues to grow.

Richard Sousa signed the agreement, as did Viktoras Domarkas

The Hoover Institution and the Lithuanian Archives Department Agree to Exchange Documents

Wednesday, February 13, 2008
Herbert Hoover Memorial Building Room 330

The Hoover Institution and the Lithuanian Archives Department under the Government of the Republic of Lithuania, have entered an agreement under which they will exchange documents with each other. Among the materials that Hoover will receive are microfilm files of Soviet KGB and MVD material held in the Lithuanian Special Archives. Richard Sousa, senior associate director and a research fellow at the Hoover Institution, signed the agreement, as did Viktoras Domarkas, deputy director general of the Lithuanian Archives Department.

From left: Hoover fellows Paul Gregory, Eric Wakin, and Mark Harrison.

Hoover Fellow Mark Harrison discusses the secret police

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Mark Harrison, a Hoover fellow Warwick University professor, spoke Monday on his research in the Hoover Archives Lithuanian KGB Collection before an audience of international scholars, Hoover fellows, and Stanford faculty, attending the 11th annual Hoover Archives Workshop on Totalitarian Regimes. His talk was entitled: “What Do Secret Policemen Really Do: Preventive Surveillance; Evidence from the Archives of the Lithuanian KGB.”

Mark Harrison discusses his research using the Lithuanian KGB records at the Hoo

Hoover Archives Research Recap: Professor Mark Harrison

Friday, July 19, 2013

Mark Harrison, a Hoover research fellow and professor of Economics at the University of Warwick, discusses his research using the Lithuanian KGB records at the Hoover Institution Archives. For more information about the collection, click here.



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Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty Broadcast Records

RFE/RL Corporate Records, Box 100, Folder 39, Hoover Institution Archives

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