Poland after 1945

Hoover has an outstanding collection of primary source materials on the Polish People’s Republic, the anticommunist opposition, and Poland’s transition to democracy after 1989. Besides substantial holdings of papers of communist functionaries, a vast volume of documentation exists on the Solidarity trade union and related movements.

Poland Słuzba Bezpieczeństwa Departament III Collection, Box 33, Envelope 2, Hoover Institution Archives

Records of the Polish internal security police


Jakub Berman Papers

Polish communist leader; Polska Zjednoczona Partia Robotnicza Biuro Polityczne member, 1944–56

Stefan Jędrychowski Papers

Vice president, Rada Ministrów, 1951–56; president, Komisja Planowania, 1956–68; minister of foreign affairs, 1968–71; minister of finance, 1971–74

Mieczysław F. Rakowski Papers

Polish journalist and politician; editor in chief Polityka, 1958–82; deputy prime minister, 1981–85; vice-marshal, Sejm, 1985–88; chairman, prime minister, 1988–89

Poland Rada Ministrów Records

Polish council of ministers

Poland Służba Bezpieczeństwa Departament III Collection

Materials collected by Polish internal security police

Henryk Piecuch Collection

Miscellaneous materials relating to Polish intelligence, counterintelligence, and internal security

Irena Lasota Papers

Polish dissident; subsequently émigré in the United States; director of programs, Institute for Democracy in Eastern Europe.

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Jerzy Urban Papers Added to the Polish Holdings of the Hoover Archives

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Hoover’s extensive archival holdings on Poland in the Solidarity era of the 1980s have been strengthened by the acquisition of the papers of Jerzy Urban, the Polish communist government’s spokesman during 1981–1989.

Ambassador Zdzisław Rurarz speaking at the National Press Club in Washington, DC

New Collection: Papers of Polish Ambassador Zdzisław Rurarz

Thursday, April 17, 2014

In December 1981, when Poland’s communist authorities declared martial law and arrested thousands of Solidarity activists, two distinguished Polish diplomats protested by renouncing their allegiance to the Moscow-dominated government in Warsaw and seeking political asylum in the United States. One was Romuald Spasowski, ambassador to the United States; the other was Zdzisław Rurarz, Poland’s ambassador to Japan. The Spasowski papers came to Hoover nearly two decades ago, the Rurarz archives only now. That both collections ended up here and not in Poland or elsewhere reflects the donors’ confidence in the strength and the credibility of the Hoover Archives, which are already home to the largest and most comprehensive holdings on modern Poland outside Poland.


Polish State Archives and Hoover Institution to Undertake Joint Archival Project

Tuesday, May 14, 2002

Hoover Institution and the Polish State Archives announces agreement

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Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty Broadcast Records

RFE/RL Corporate Records, Box 100, Folder 39, Hoover Institution Archives