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Despite the Iron Curtain’s dampening effect on collecting and preserving materials from the USSR, the Hoover Archives holds a number of significant collections relating to Soviet dissidents and defectors, such as Andrei Siniavskii and Aleksandr Ginzburg and Yuri Yarim-Agaev; while the NTS Samizdat collection is one of the most extensive such collections in the world. A series of joint microfilming and digitization projects from the early 1990s until today have expanded Hoover’s holdings on the Soviet state and Communist Party apparatus and on the workings of the KGB in the USSR and its national republics to enable researchers to study both sides of the equation. In addition, a number of collections deal with US-Soviet relations, including citizen diplomacy and friendship organizations that tried to defuse international tensions during the Cold War. For the Cold War itself – as a battleground of ideologies – the RFE/RL Broadcast and Corporate Records are an unparalleled resource.

Hoover Institution Poster Collection, RU/SU 2237

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Aleksandr Il'ich Ginzburg Papers, Box 7, Folder 12

Materials on dissent and civil liberties in the Soviet Union

Poland Słuzba Bezpieczeństwa Departament III Collection, Box 33, Envelope 2, Hoover Institution Archives

Research fellow Mark Harrison on his findings from the Lithuanian KGB Records


Archives of the Soviet Communist Party and Soviet State Microfilm

Copies of documents from three major Russian archives


Russian émigré organization

Aleksandr Il'ich Ginzburg Papers

Soviet writer and dissident

RFE/RL Broadcast Records

US radio broadcasting organization

RFE/RL Corporate Records

US radio broadcasting organization


Soviet literary critic and dissident

Boris Andreevich Grushin Papers

Soviet sociologist and pollster

VitaliĬ Leonidovich Kataev Papers

Soviet defense industry official

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Dust jacket of Mihajlov’s Underground Notes

Hoover Acquires Substantial Collection of Papers of the Late Yugoslav Dissident Mihajlo Mihajlov

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Recently the Hoover Institution Library and Archives acquired more than seventy boxes of archival materials from the estate of the late Mihajlo Mihajlov (1934–2010), a Serbian writer, political activist, and dissident who was imprisoned for his critiques of Tito’s Yugoslavia in the late 1960s and early 1970s. This collection, which augments an earlier donation made during Mihajlov’s lifetime, contains correspondence, publications, and audiovisual media that document the breadth of Mihajlov’s public career.


Hoover Institution Hosts Symposium on Soviet Dissident Movement

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

The symposium “Building on Success: The Soviet Dissident Movement and American Foreign Policy during the 1980s” brought together former Soviet dissidents, scholars, and policy makers to discuss the methods employed by Soviet dissidents and their Western supporters that contributed to the end of the communist rule of the former USSR. The Hoover Institution hosted the event on April 14.

President Ronald Reagan welcomes dissidents Yuri Yarim-Agaev and recently released Yuri Orlov and his wife, Irina Orlov, to the White House

To Choose Freedom: Soviet Dissidents and Their Supporters

The exhibit will be open April 15 - October 25, 2008.




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