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Representing nearly half of Hoover's archival holdings, North American collections focus on US and Canadian involvement in international conflicts, foreign relations, laissez-faire economics, political groups and movements, intellectual history, peace, education, émigré affairs, nuclear energy, and arms control. While some earlier materials are present, the bulk documents the 20th and 21st centuries, with a collecting emphasis on contemporary issues. 

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Jean McElwee Cannon

Curator for North American Collections / Research Fellow

Jean M. Cannon is a research fellow and curator for North American Collections at the Hoover Institution Library & Archives at Stanford University, where she specializes in acquisitions, education, exhibitions, and scholarly publications. She received a PhD in English L...


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Collage of photos papers ephemera of Leo McDowell collection
The Collection of Sergeant Leo McDowell – a New Acquisition at the Hoover Institution

The Hoover Institution Library & Archives has acquired the collection of Sergeant Leo McDowell. The collection documents his career as a notable African American Marine and policy changes concerning race that affected the United States military from the 1940s to the 1980s.

July 27, 2022
Black and white photo portrait of Warren Heckrotte
Hoover Institution Acquires The Collection Of Warren Heckrotte, Nuclear Weapons And Disarmament Expert

The Hoover Institution Library & Archives recently acquired the collection of nuclear weapons and disarmament expert, Warren Heckrotte.

April 06, 2022
Hoover Institution Acquires Rare Material From The 1946 Bikini Atoll Atomic Testing

The rare materials belonging to Navy engineer, Laurence Bershad, an official photographer at the Bikini Atoll atomic test site, include never-before-published photographs and other historical documents

October 18, 2021
Weapon On The Wall: American Posters Of World War I

The exhibition Weapon on the Wall: American Posters of World War I opens Wednesday, April 5, and runs through September 2, 2017. The exhibition is open to the public, free of charge, Tuesday–Saturday from 11:00 am to 4:00 pm in the Herbert Hoover Memorial Exhibit Pavilion (next to Hoover Tower) on the Stanford University campus.

April 5, 2017
New Exhibition Highlights Recent Acquisitions

On September 27, the Hoover Institution Library & Archives opened a new exhibition titled Unpacking History: New Collections at the Hoover Institution Library & Archives. The exhibition presents rare and intriguing items from select collections acquired within the past five years, including one of the most recent acquisitions of handwritten poems and sketches by Nobel Laureate Joseph Brodsky, which was acquired September 2016.

October 13, 2016 Hoover Institution Library & Archives, Stanford University
Secretary of State Warren Christopher’s Papers Open at Archives

The Hoover Institution Archives is pleased to announce the opening of the Warren Christopher papers, which document the long career of this US statesmen and Stanford Law School alumnus. 

June 30, 2014
Herbert Hoover Jr. papers, including declassified Top Secret materials on Suez Canal crisis, now open

The Hoover Archives is pleased to announce the opening of materials relating to the government service of Herbert Hoover Jr., the son of President Herbert Hoover. This recently declassified set of papers documents Hoover's time as undersecretary of state during the Eisenhower administration, covering the period 1954 to 1957. Among the issues addressed are US base rights in the Philippine Islands, US/Israeli relations, the Suez Canal crisis, and foreign policy in the Middle East more broadly.

December 19, 2013
Joseph Stilwell’s Diaries, 1900–1939 and 1945–46, Available Online

Joseph Stilwell began his diary in the early 1900s and kept it up, to a greater or lesser extent, until his death in 1946. Now those decades of diaries, including observations on his travels through China, Japan, and the Philippines before World War II, are available on the Hoover Archives website. They supplement Stilwell’s World War II diaries, transcriptions of which Hoover has offered online since 2005. All are part of the Joseph W. Stilwell papers at Hoover.

February 14, 2013
Audiovisual Materials about California Digitized and Online

Historic California audiovisual recordings from Hoover collections have been digitized for California Light and Sound, a project of the California Preservation Program.

August 16, 2011
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