black and white photograph detail of the old card catalog cabinet at Hoover Library

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At Hoover there is extensive diversity of materials related to war, revolution, and peace during the 20th and 21st centuries. To enhance understanding of our collections by subjects and themes, please explore some of our collections highlight pages. You can also search our research guides which collect together lists of thematically related collections.

Drawing of the exterior of a bookstore named Laissez Faire Books

Business & Commerce

Three yellow triangles inside a black circle, all on a background of yellow - symbol used for fallout shelter

Cold War

Detail of a graphic from an early Russian Soviet book showing a five pointed star, and hammer and sickle all in black on white background




Black and white photo detail showing American and Japanese officials deliberating at the end of World War II


detail of a black and white photo of exonomist Milton Friedman with the US Capitol building in the background


Detail of black and white photo of Edward Teller teaching in front of a blackboard


detail of a black and white photo of Herbert Hoover

Herbert Hoover

detail from Poster RU/SU 2321, a 1986 Russian poster titled Total'naia slezhka za inakomysliashchimi

Intelligence Services



detail of poster US 3302, titled "Uphold the Flag of Zion" from the 1940s

Jewish History

detail  from poster FR 876, titled "La Justice" from circa 1914


Detail of poster US 715B, titled "Books wanted for our men in camp" from circa 1917


Detail of poster  US 2490, titled "I want you for U.S. Army" from 1917

Military Affairs

Detail of photograph of Nazi party elites


detail or early 20th century peace symbol with rainbow on left side


Detail of propaganda poster

Propaganda & Psychological Warfare

Detail of color photo showing a man standing in front of radio soundboard, From the RFE/RL Corporate Records, 2000C71.197

Radio & Television

Detail of a black and white photo showing some goods provided in relief by the ARA in Russia, including American Canned Milk

Relief & Refugees

Detail of Poster FR 217, titled " Le laboratoire - l'usine - la guerre." from circa 1918

Science & Technology

Detail of poster INT 397, titled " Youth and students struggling" from 1975

Student Movements

Detail of black and white photo from the trenches of World War I, from the WWI Pictorial Collection (XX247)

World War I

Detail from a color montage of World War II posters

World War II

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