Hoover Hosts Former Indiana Governor Mitch Daniels for Leadership Forum Photos

Two of the Hoover fellowship’s most distinguished former public officials joined Daniels for the meeting: Condoleezza Rice and George P. Shultz. Also pictured is research fellow and Uncommon Knowledge host Peter Robinson.
Senior Fellow Niall Ferguson also participated in the discussion. Other notable fellows that met with Daniels include John H. Cochrane, John B. Taylor, Joshua Rauh, and Peter Berkowitz.
The meeting took place in Hoover’s state-of-the-art Annenberg Conference Room. Made possible by a generous grant from the Annenberg Foundation and dedicated to the public service of George Shultz, the room is the primary forum for Hoover’s busy schedule of meetings, workshops, and conferences.
For his achievements as Indiana governor and Purdue University president, Fortune Magazine included Daniels in its 2015 “World’s Greatest Leaders” list. Daniels has received numerous other honors including the Bradley Prize and the Manhattan Institute’s Alexander Hamilton Award.
Leadership Forum also provides a chance for personal, informal dialogue between participants and Hoover fellows. Here Daniels talks during a break with Hoover fellows Richard Epstein (on right) and Paul Peterson.
Hoover Institution director Tom Gilligan presents Daniels with a tie featuring a print of the Hoover Tower. The institution awards the tie as a token of appreciation to distinguished speakers and guests.