Applications have closed for the 2024-25 Veteran Fellowship Program. Learn more about the program and application timeline below.

The Bochnowski Family Veteran Fellowship Program (VFP) is a nonresidential, year-long project-based program for 10 military veterans to accelerate solution-finding at a local, state, or national level. The program seeks participants who want to address challenges in the public sector with actionable outcomes and seek to inform the formation and implementation of policy. The VFP is building an effective and enduring group of successful veteran practitioners, motivated to confront real-world challenges with support from networks at the Hoover Institution and Stanford University.

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The Bochnowski Family Veteran Fellowship Program is an accelerator program for do-ers. It provides Fellows time to consolidate thinking on a problem, the space to collaborate and expand stakeholder networks, and the impetus to take active steps to move the policy needle. The VFP celebrates those veterans willing to be bold and innovate in challenging areas central to the well-being and success of our communities, networks, and nation.

The VFP integrates the public policy scholarship and mission of the Hoover Institution with military veterans who exemplify the credibility and talent of the military. The Program seeks to bring greater innovation and action to policy awareness and implementation. Veterans’ unique grasp of the country’s ideals, their personal initiative, and their wide networks present synergies where sound policy ideas can emerge.


The program is designed for military veterans who want to effect meaningful change. The VFP welcomes veterans who exemplify the following characteristics: persistence, flexibility, humility, collegiality, and personal inspiration for the goal they seek.

The program is open to veterans who served on active duty within the last twenty-five years and are successful mid-career practitioners with a desire to lead in their communities and a commitment to promoting ideas and actions for free societies. Candidates must come with impactful ideas and the drive to deliver results. Each veteran should possess the self-motivation, professional network, and vision to pursue their innovative project. Hoover is interested in applications from former enlisted members and officers; those separated or retired from service; those current or former reservists.

Fellows in the VFP will participate in up to five in-person engagements as well as virtual sessions throughout the year. Veteran Fellows will produce a capstone project which will allow them to conduct work on their topic within their networks and communities. Hoover fellows and advisory council members will provide a consultative component.

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Veteran Fellowship Program | Testimonials

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The program asks each Veteran Fellow to tackle a significant policy issue that aligns with the principles and priorities of the Hoover Institution. Topics areas may include:

Institutional Priorities

Answering Challenges Faced by Advanced Capitalist Societies; Reforming K-12 Education; Determining America’s Role in the World; Revitalizing History; Empowering State and Local Governance; Understanding Public Opinion; Confronting and Competing with China; Revitalizing American Institutions; Understanding the Effects of Technology on Economics and Governance.

This Program creates a bridge between Hoover’s scholarship and the project’s intended outcomes. The capstone should provide a real-world framework that integrates and applies a deep mastery of the problem and informed approaches for policy improvements or solutions. Capstones are intended to be actionable and not academic research. Capstone topics are defined at the discretion of the Veteran Fellows, articulated in the application process, and refined at the first in-person gathering in June.

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The selection committee is composed of Hoover fellows and members of Hoover’s network. The committee selects program participants and recommends the cohort for each year to the director of the Hoover Institution for approval.


Only those who meet the following requirements should move forward with this application:

  • US military veterans (e.g. separated, retired, or in the select reserve) from Air Force, Army, Coast Guard, Marines, Navy, National Guard, or Space Force; and
  • Served on active duty within the last twenty-five years (including at least 18 months on active duty on or after September 11, 2001); for those in the National Guard, their service must include at least one period of Title 10 federal activation.

Required Materials

Online Application: The online application requires you to provide 1) contact info, 2) details about your professional and military background, and 3) answers to program-specific questions.

Resume or CV: You will upload a copy of your most recent professional resume or CV. (PDF)

DD214: You will upload a copy of your Certificate of Release or Discharge from Active Duty. (PDF file recommended)

Letters of Recommendation: You will need to provide at least two but no more than three letters of recommendation. Letters should be from professional associates or colleagues from volunteer or nonprofit endeavors who can speak to your experience and the impact of your work. One letter should be associated with your place of employment. Please do not submit letters of recommendation from family or friends. Letters must be uploaded within the application form. (PDF files recommended)

Video Submission: Please shoot a two-minute video using your webcam or phone. In these two minutes, pitch yourself to the application committee: What exactly is the problem you are seeking to solve? Why are you of all people in the world the right person to tackle this? How will you be resilient in the face of the inevitable setbacks? What areas will you explore and what steps will you take to reach your solution? (Videos longer than two minutes will not be reviewed.)



January 16, 2024
Veteran Fellowship Program Application Open
March 4, 2024
Application Close
April 19, 2024
Notification of Acceptance
June 4-7, 2024*
Program Launch/Module 1
September 18-20, 2024**
Roll Call
November 12-15, 2024*
Module 2
January 28-31, 2025*
Module 3
April 2025* (date TBD)
Module 4

*In-person activity at the Hoover Institution, Stanford University campus

**In-person activity at the Hoover Institution's Washington, DC office


You will receive a confirmation email after you have submitted your application. If you have any questions about the program or the application process, please contact

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