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Economics, Applied: A Global Commonwealth, If You Can Keep It

by Steven J. Davis, Kevin M. Murphy interview with Condoleezza Rice, Robert Staiger, Barry Eichengreenvia Economics, Applied
Wednesday, January 22, 2020

Hoover Institution fellows Steven Davis and Kevin Murphy discuss trade, national security, and prosperity with Condoleezza Rice, Robert Staiger, and Barry Eichengreen. 

Trailer: Economics, Applied

by Steven J. Davis, Kevin M. Murphyvia Economics, Applied
Tuesday, January 21, 2020

Steven Davis here. Kevin Murphy and I are launching a new podcast called “Economics, Applied.”

Trailer: Economics, Applied

Economics, Applied with Steven Davis and Kevin Murphy:

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Economics, Applied is a podcast featuring Hoover Institution Senior Fellow Steven Davis and his colleague at the University of Chicago, Kevin Murphy.

This podcast aims to bring evidence and economic thinking to major policy issues.  The hosts and guests will discuss and explore societal problems by applying the ideas of Gary Becker, Milton Friedman, and other thinkers who place a high value on individual liberty, limited government, and market-oriented solutions.

Each episode consists of three parts:

An interview of a featured guest who has first-hand experience in the policy arena.
A discussion with leading scholars in the field.
And finally, a wrap-up segment, in which the hosts take stock and draw lessons.