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Monetary Policy Card

Monetary Policy

Budget & Spending

Budget & Spending

Finance & Banking

Finance & Banking

US Labor Market Card

US Labor Market

Trade Card



K-12 Large Card


Higher Education Large Card

Higher Education

Energy & Environment

Nuclear Energy Large Card

Nuclear Energy

Renewable Energy Large Card

Renewable Energy

Science & Technology

Innovation Large Card


Telecommunications & Internet Large Card

Telecommunications & Internet

Intellectual Property Large Card

Intellectual Property

Security & Defense

US Defense Large Card

US Defense

Cyber Security Large Card

Cyber Security

Terrorism Large Card


Arms Control Large Card

Arms Control

Intelligence Large Card


International Affairs

Key Countries / Regions Large Card

Key Countries / Regions

Democracy Large Card


US Foreign Policy Large Card

US Foreign Policy


Economic History Large Card


Military History Large Card


Military history has been disappearing from secondary education across the United States for decades. The Hoover Institution’s commitment to its revitalization is embodied in its research, programming, and network of scholars.

Contemporary Large Card


The study of political systems across the world generates insights into the unique challenges posed by state and non-state actors alike. Philosophical differences to governing nations have led to wars, conflicts, and diplomatic issues that are worth learning from.

World History Large Card


Preventing modern-day challenges begins with the careful investigation of historical conflicts. Historical security arrangements, trade deals, and conflicts can help to guide current policies aimed at stabilizing politics and volatile regions.

Law & Policy

Civil Rights & Race Large Card

Civil Rights & Race

Regulation & Property Rights Large Card

Regulation & Property Rights

Technology, Law, and Governance Large Card

Technology, Law, and Governance

Politics & Public Opinion

Campaigns & Elections Large Card

Campaigns & Elections

Public Opinion Large Card

Public Opinion

Comparative Politics Large Card

Comparative Politics

The administrative state is the collection of federal agencies, regulators, and rule makers that have become a powerful, unelected, and unaccountable part of the government. Reining in the administrative state will require Congress to reassert its authority over legislative matters and judges to grant less deference to regulators who overstep their bounds.

Political Philosophy Large Card

Political Philosophy

The Presidency Large Card

The Presidency

Judiciary Large Card


Congress Large Card


State & Local

Federalism Large Card


California Large Card


Fiscal Policy Large Card

Fiscal Policy

Development Large Card


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