The Economic Fellowship Program seeks to examine the essential foundations of economic freedom such as rule of law, separation of powers, property rights, free trade, patent protections, and limited government.  Important subtopics include how to reform the tax code to maximize economic growth; how to rein in the administrative state; and how to pierce the myths that dominate discussions of economic inequality, proposals to raise the minimum wage, trade protectionism, nationalizing the health sector, and economic mobility. 

This academic-style program includes activity both in Washington, D.C. and at Hoover’s Stanford University location. Seminars will feature Hoover fellows, with complimentary guest lectures by scholars from other institutions as appropriate.

What’s Included?

Over a 4-month period participants of the program will attend 6 sessions on Capitol Hill, one program in Hoover’s Washington, D.C. office, and conclude with a more demanding seminar on Stanford campus over three days. Participants will receive round-trip airfare and ground transportation to Stanford University from Washington, DC, housing on Stanford’s campus, and those meals that are part of the seminar. The Hoover Institution diligently complies with congressional ethics rules.

What You’ll Learn

Participants will be offered an intense program of lectures, roundtable discussions, interactive case studies, and panel discussions led by Hoover scholars and complemented by scholars from other academic and policy institutions. Topics will vary from year to year but will relate to the broad area of economics and economic growth.

Who Should Submit Interest?

Junior to mid-level staffers and appointees who must execute their duties in a demanding day-to-day environment with little or no time for reflection and few, if any, opportunities to recharge their intellectual batteries. Participants should have 3-7 years of professional experience overall, and at least two years on Capitol Hill or in an Executive Branch agency.

Submitting Interest

To submit interest, please include a personal statement expressing your specific interest in participating in the Economic Fellowship Program (500 words max). In addition, please include the following information:

  • Name (Last, First Middle)
  • Current Position and Office
  • Cell Phone
  • Email Address

Important Dates

As per the COVID-19 guidance issued by Stanford University and the Hoover Institution, the Economic Fellowship Program has been postponed. We thank you for your interest and hope you will consider applying in the future.

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