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The Board of Overseers of the Hoover Institution on War, Revolution and Peace is responsible for overseeing the strategic direction and financial health of the Hoover Institution and the preservation of its institutional independence within the framework of Stanford University.

Board of Overseers

Ensuring that the Hoover Institution follows the path set forth by its founder, Herbert Hoover, and reaffirmed by its mission statement, the Board of Overseers acts as an advisory body to and a support group for the Institution’s senior administration. Members who have served on the board since the last report are listed here.

The Board of Overseers advises and supports the Institution’s senior administration, ensuring that the Hoover Institution follows the path set forth by its founder and reaffirmed by its mission statement. This dedicated group of supporters, who contribute to the advancement of the Institution through their knowledge, experience, and leadership, meet biannually at Stanford and in Washington, DC.

Chair & Vice Chair

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author thomas f

Thomas F. Stephenson*

* Executive Committee member ** Ex officio member
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Susan R. McCaw*

Vice Chair

Board of Overseers


  • Katherine H. Alden
  • Neil R. Anderson
  • Paul V. Barber
  • John F. Barrett
  • Donald R. Beall
  • Wendy Bingham Cox
  • David Booth
  • Jerome V. Bruni
  • John L. "Jack" Bunce Jr.
  • James J. Carroll III*
  • Charles Cobb
  • Jean-Pierre L. 'JP' Conte
  • Berry R. Cox
  • Harlan Crow
  • James W. Davidson
  • George H. Davis Jr.
  • Michael Dokupil
  • Dixon R. Doll
  • Herbert M. Dwight*
  • Steven L. Eggert
  • Jeffrey A. Farber
  • Henry A. Fernandez
  • Robert A. Ferris
  • Carly Fiorina
  • James Fleming Jr.
  • Susan Ford Dorsey
  • Stephen B. Gaddis
  • Shari Glazer
  • Ken A. Goldman
  • Lawrence E. Golub
  • Robert E. Grady
  • Jerry Grundhofer
  • Karen Hargrove
  • Richard R. Hargrove
  • Kenneth A. Hersh
  • Allan Hoover III
  • Claudia P. Huntington*
  • Nicolas Ibañez Scott
  • James D. Jameson
  • William E. Jenkins
  • Charles B. Johnson
  • Franklin P. Johnson Jr.
  • Gregory E. Johnson
  • Stephen S. Kahng
  • Michael E. Kavoukjian
  • John B. Kleinheinz*
  • Richard Kovacevich*
  • Peter W. Kuyper
  • Colby Lane
  • Allen J. Lauer
  • Howard H. Leach
  • Davide Leone
  • Walter Loewenstern Jr.
  • Howard W. Lutnick
  • Hamid Mani, M.D.
  • James D. Marver
  • Michael G. McCaffery
  • David McDonald
  • Harold 'Terry' McGraw III
  • Henry A. McKinnell
  • Deedee McMurtry
  • Carole J. McNeil
  • Mary G. Meeker
  • Jennifer L. 'Jenji' Mercer
  • Rebekah Mercer
  • Harold M. 'Max' Messmer Jr.
  • Jeremiah Milbank III
  • Mitchell J. Milias
  • Scott Minerd
  • K. Rupert Murdoch
  • George E. Myers
  • George A. Needham
  • Thomas Nelson
  • Robert G. O'Donnell*
  • Joel C. Peterson*
  • Jay A. Precourt*
  • Samuel T. Reeves
  • Robert Rosenkranz
  • Adam Ross
  • Theresa W."Terry" Ryan
  • Douglas G. Scrivner*
  • Peter O. Shea
  • Roderick W. Shepard*
  • Robert Shipman
  • Ronald P. Spogli
  • William C. Steere Jr.
  • David L. Steffy
  • Mark A. Stevens
  • Kevin Stump
  • W. Clarke Swanson Jr.
  • Curtis Sloane Tamkin
  • Stephen D. Taylor
  • Marc Tessier-Lavigne**
  • Charles B. Thornton Jr.
  • Darnell M. Whitt II
  • James R. Wilkinson*
  • Dede Wilsey
  • Richard G. Wolford
  • Yu Wu
  • Jerry Yang**

Distinguished Overseers

  • Martin Anderson
  • Peter B. Bedford
  • Wendy H. Borcherdt
  • W. Kurt Hauser
  • Peyton M. Lake
  • Shirley Cox Matteson
  • Bowen H. McCoy
  • Boyd C. Smith

Emeritus Overseers

  • Frederick L. Allen
  • Joseph W. Donner
  • Robert J. Swain
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