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Vision of The Institution Today

The Hoover Institution is a preeminent center of public policy research located at Stanford University. Its fellows are focused on scholarship grounded in the ideals of peace, individual liberty, free enterprise, and limited government.


Our focus is on scholarly and empirical research that asks bold questions, offers powerful solutions for policy makers, and advances ideas that improve people’s lives. The work of creating, preserving, and disseminating the best knowledge of recent generations through our scholarship, teaching, publishing, and outreach ensures the preservation of the freedoms we hold dear. This was the vision of our founder, and we remain true to it.

Institutional Priorities

The Hoover Institution’s research priorities address some of the nation’s biggest challenges, including improving educational outcomes; expanding economic prosperity; upholding a system of natural liberty; achieving a clear-eyed view about America’s role in the world; and grappling with the impacts of rapid technological innovation on governments and economies. The Hoover Institution is also unique among policy organizations for its commitment—through the expertise of its scholars and from its vast Library & Archives holdings—to drawing from the historical record to inform perspectives about public policy making.

The challenges our country faces require us to be provocative and wide-ranging in our thinking. The Hoover fellowship has a specific focus on the key areas of focus that seek to address the pressing needs faced by policymakers at all levels of government, from state and local leaders to national and international leaders.

About Our Fellows

Hoover scholars create breakthrough ideas aligned with our mission and ideals. What sets Hoover apart from all other policy organizations is its status as a center of scholarly excellence, its locus as a forum of scholarly discussion, and its ability to bring the conclusions of this scholarship to a public audience. Hoover’s hallmark has been and remains its uncompromising, independent policy scholarship, distinguished by its empirical and intellectual rigor and grounded in history, data, and logic.

Research Teams

Hoover has several active teams devoted to conducting research in areas of public policy in line with the Institution’s priorities and the nation’s policy challenges. Research teams host scholar symposia and track 1.5 and 2 dialogues with policy makers and influencers, write working papers, and produce multimedia content including essays, newsletters, and podcasts.

Fellowship Opportunities

Fellowship Opportunities

The Hoover Institution provides a wide range of opportunities for students, policy makers on Capitol Hill and in the executive branch, military veterans, and media professionals to take a sabbatical from their daily work duties, engage with the Hoover fellowship and scholars across the broader Stanford community, and broaden their perspectives on policy issues including international relations, economics, cyber security, health care, the environment, and more.

Condoleezza Rice Spring Retreat 2022


Dedicated to producing high-quality public policy research, the Hoover Institution is equally determined to launch ideas formulated by its fellowship into action and disseminate them to public audiences in the United States and around the world.

Our Leadership

The Hoover Institution is led by Tad and Dianne Taube Director Condoleezza Rice. Eric Wakin is the deputy director and director of Library & Archives. Learn more about our senior administration.
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Condoleezza Rice

Condoleezza Rice

Tad and Dianne Taube Director | Thomas and Barbara Stephenson Senior Fellow on Public Policy
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Eric Wakin

Eric Wakin

Deputy Director/ Director of Library & Archives | Research Fellow
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