The Hoover Institution International Seminar Program

In June 2022, the Hoover Institution will launch a new program, the Hoover Institution International Seminar (HIIS). This seven-day in-person seminar for international foreign and defense policy professionals will bring mid-level leaders from partner countries together with leading scholars and policy makers in the United States to solve common problems. The purpose of the seminar is to create positive political, economic, and cultural alignments between policy makers in the United States and those in like-minded countries. The future of free and open societies will depend upon such cooperation.  

In order to counter authoritarian trends, it will be increasingly important that US allies and partners develop a “common operating picture” and common diagnosis of a problem set in order to develop and advance a road map for solutions.  Solving key problems will require alignments not just across governments but also across the private sector and academia.  

Three main assumptions undergird the new seminar program:

  • First, though the United States continues to lead the world militarily, economically, and technologically, US leadership and actions alone cannot maintain the political and economic orders necessary to maintain and   strengthen free and open societies.
  • Second, while much commentary exists on how to refurbish the “liberal international order,” the fundamental component to any such order is a group of states that are committed to working to solve common problems and seize opportunities. A critical step toward these necessary alignments is to build a network of individuals from different countries who are aligned around common interests and values.
  • Third, the solutions to most global problems—whether geopolitical, economic, or humanitarian—must begin by building coalitions of actors at the country level.  

The core goal of the seminar is to work with like-minded foreign and defense policy professionals to work on common problems and to develop common solutions that can be implemented.

Seminar Description

The program will be held on the campus of Stanford University in the early summer of 2022. Participants will meet virtually prior to the seminar and will be expected to do some advance preparation. They will arrive at the seminar prepared with background information on specific case studies and will be active throughout the program in making presentations and leading discussions. The seminar will feature prominent experts who will lecture and lead discussions on specific topics related to economics and technology; national security and defense; politics and democracy; and foreign policy. Final policy briefings will take place at the end of the seminar, and afterwards, participants will be expected to engage with colleagues in participant home countries to disseminate the group’s ideas and findings.

Application Process

The call for applications will open in mid-January 2022 and close on March 1 at 11:50 p.m PDT.  Applicants will be expected to submit a cover letter of stated interest, a short essay on a common problem shared by countries, a letter of recommendation, and a short video in English that provides a description of a policy problem. For the inaugural year, applications will be sought from mid-career foreign and defense policy professionals.   



January 18, 2022 
HIIS Program Application Open

March 1, 2022 
Application Close 

March 28, 2022 
Notification of Acceptance

June 18–26, 2022
HIIS Program 
(In-person activity at the Hoover Institution, Stanford University campus)