Hoover Institution National Security Affairs Fellows Mentorship Program

The Hoover Institution’s National Security Affairs Fellows Mentorship Program is a yearly program for Stanford undergraduate students that begins in September of the academic year and is offered as a one-unit course (Public Policy 100) each quarter. The program provides a unique opportunity for Stanford students with a deep interest in international affairs to engage with distinguished practitioners in the field.

Each National Security Affairs Fellow is a high-ranking member of his or her military branch, service or state agency, with years of real world experience in U.S. foreign policy. During their year at Stanford, National Security Affairs Fellows engage in the full intellectual life of the university – guest lecturing in classes, auditing courses, attending seminars, and writing their own policy-relevant research papers. The residential fellowship year taps the rising stars in each service or department. Previous Fellows have gone on to serve in the highest levels of the U.S. government.

Selected students are assigned to one of Hoover's 8 incoming Fellows. As part of the mentorship program, Fellows will meet with students twice a quarter. The mentees will also receive invitations to other private Hoover events with senior U.S. and foreign leaders throughout the year.

While the Fellows provide a great opportunity for students to learn more about international security issues and careers, students are also a vital resource to the Fellows, providing a key point of contact to student life at Stanford. The Fellows have many obligations, but typically welcome the opportunity to speak to student groups, guest lecture in classes, and participate in campus life. A large part of the student’s role is to facilitate those connections to students, faculty, courses, and activities at Stanford.

Selection criteria are based on academic excellence, extracurricular leadership, and demonstrated interest in national security for rising freshmen, sophomores and juniors. Priority is given to applicants who plan to be in residence for the entire academic year and those who have no prior or current military experience.

To apply, please send a cover letter and resume to Nga-My Nguyen.