Hoover Media Academy


Hoover Media Academy is a new - education initiative starting in 2021 that provides journalists the opportunity to learn and advance their expertise in key policy areas. The Academy year will focus on six courses with each course consisting of 4-5 lectures led by prominent Hoover Institution scholars. 

Academy students will engage in scholarly discussions and exchange information with Hoover Institution’s scholars. 


As a part of the William and Barbara Edwards Media Program, the Hoover Media Academy seeks to foster relationships between Hoover Institution scholars and journalists. Graduates will continue engagement with the Hoover Institution and be considered for future programming such as Hoover Media Roundtables and Media Fellowships.


We will begin sending invitations in late 2020. For more information, submit an email:

hooverdc [at] stanford.edu (subject: Hoover%20Media%20Academy) (REQUEST INFORMATION)

Register for the Academy

hooverdc [at] stanford.edu (subject: Hoover%20Media%20Academy) (REQUEST INFORMATION)


  • Each class will be a duration of approximately 75 min 
  • Classes will be hosted on the Zoom Meeting platform and video is required
  • Students are enrolled for one course at a time. If a student has an interest in another course in the Academy Year, they must submit a new application for acceptance


  • Every Thursday of course month
  • 10:00AM PT | 1:00PM ET
  • 20 minute scholar presentation | 40 minute open discussion
  • 6 cohorts of media students per academy year


Each course will include suggested advanced reading.

Classes are limited to a select 25 students per course. Participation is mandatory to maintain your seat.