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Discover fascinating stories behind Library & Archives artifacts as Hoover experts present insights into their impact on our modern world.

Video Series

Delve into the rich history and significance of select artifacts from the Hoover Institution Library & Archives in this video series. Hoover’s expert curators, fellows, and other scholars will share remarkable stories and insights behind the artifacts, the context of their creation, and how the Library & Archives preserves access to this incredible wealth of material.

Episodes will explore various topics, including: Did the creator of the New Deal believe in its promise? How did the August 1953 coup in Iran come to fruition? And what records remain from the Japanese military’s plan for the bombing of Pearl Harbor? The primary sources featured in Reflections reveal the answers to these and other momentous historical questions. Join in on the discovery of these untold stories hidden in Hoover’s collections.

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Introducing Reflections

Join us for a new video series that brings some of the remarkable stories behind the artifacts to a broad audience through video reflections by Hoover’s expert curators, fellows, and scholars.

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