The speeches of the 2008 presidential hopefuls are well represented among the thousands of sound recordings of Commonwealth Club of California events stored at the Hoover Archives. As the club hosts more candidates, and transfers the sound recordings of their speeches to the archives, the number of relevant recordings will increase. Currently, the following speeches are available:


Chris Dodd—How to Keep Catastrophic Weapons out of the Hands of Terrorists (Nov. 12, 2001)


John Edwards—2004 Presidential Campaign (Dec. 12, 2003)


Rudy Giuliani—Organized Crime and Drug Trafficking (Jan. 16, 1987)


Mike Gravel—Do We Need Governmental Secrecy? (Aug. 17, 1971)


Dennis Kucinich—The Coming Transformation (July 31, 2003)


John McCain—Leadership and the New Economy (Aug. 19, 1999, San Francisco)


                  —Leadership and the New Economy (Aug. 26, 1999, San Jose)


                  —Campaign Finance Reform (with Russ Feingold, Mar. 12, 2001)


                  —Worth the Fighting For (Nov. 7, 2002)


Ron Paul—The Libertarian Alternative (Sept. 28, 1988)


Fred Thompson—Making Washington Work (Apr. 4, 1997)


Users may listen to these recordings in the Hoover Archives reading room at no charge. A searchable database of Commonwealth Club recordings held by the Hoover Archives is also available. Please contact at least two weeks before your visit to ensure that use copies of the recordings are available. To purchase recordings, contact the Commonwealth Club at

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