Family, friends and colleagues of the late legendary economist Aaron Director gathered to celebrate his life with a memorial service October 28 at the Hoover Institution.

Speaking were Rose Friedman, Aaron Director's sister; Milton Friedman, his brother-in-law; David Friedman, his nephew; Lindsay Stewart, a close family friend, and Stephen M. Stigler, son of the late Nobel laureate George Stigler, who was a close friend of Director's.

Hoover Institution fellows who spoke were director John Raisian, Kenneth Scott, Thomas Gale Moore, and Thomas E. MaCurdy.

A segment of a video tape interview of Aaron Director, made several years ago by Hoover fellow David Henderson, was also shown.

Stanford University's former president, Gerhard Casper, also offer comments.

Condolences were also sent by Douglas Baird, Robert H. Bork, Ronald Coase and Richard Epstein.

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