Announcing the new Hoover App for iPad

Friday, February 13, 2015
iPad App postcard

The Hoover Institution is pleased to announce the launch of its new app for the iPad.  The sleek app presents all your favorite Hoover content with a smooth navigation layout that allows you to browse by content type, publication, or subject matter.  It is available now at the Apple App Store.

Features include

  • Browse by Publication: Explore all Hoover’s dynamic content from the navigation menu, including the Hoover Daily Report, Defining Ideas, and the Hoover Digest.
  • Browse by Key Topic: Each content item has a brightly colored icon representing the key topic of research.
  • Listen and Watch, Too: The app will directly stream Hoover podcasts and videos, without opening new apps and web browsers.
  • What’s Happening at Hoover: What is the Library & Archives’ most recent collection? Who are Hoover’s recent honored guests? Find out at Hoover Happenings from the navigation menu. 
  • Easy Reading: Each article opens with the same layout as the original publication, without opening new apps or browser.  For easier reading, you can also enable the reader view, which offers adjustable font size and a menu of suggested articles.
  • Bookmarks: Not enough time to finish? Bookmark any content item, and you can find it later under Bookmarks in the navigation menu.
  • Share Ideas Defining a Free Society: Did you find an article thought provoking, or want to share your love for EconTalk? It is easy to share content via email or social media.
  • Take the Guided Tour: A personal tour is included! Tap “How to Use This App” in the navigation menu for a step-by-step tutorial, or see our introductory page on the Hoover website.

Download the app now at the Apple App Store.


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