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Tuesday, January 3, 2012
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Finding aids to the collections described below are now available through the Online Archive of California.

Peace subject collection, 1891–2005
This collection of printed matter and other documents in various languages relates to pacifism, disarmament, international law, the Paris Peace Conference of 1919, the League of Nations and other actual or proposed international organizations, and proposed plans to ensure peace.

María Haydée Terán letters, 1969–70
These letters from María Haydée Terán to her husband, Carlos Fonseca Amador, the founder of the Frente Sandinista de Liberación Nacional in Nicaragua, focus on personal matters. A few letters from Carlos Fonseca Amador are included.

Hernán Cubillos Sallato papers, 1978–93
A Chilean businessman and government official who served as minister of foreign affairs from 1978 to 1980, Cubillos Sallato's speeches and writings, correspondence, and printed matter relate to Chilean foreign relations and to political and economic conditions in Chile.

Elbridge Durbrow papers, 1938–96
Durbrow was an American diplomat who served in the Soviet Union and South Vietnam. Most of the writings, research materials, and correspondence in this collection date from his retirement in 1968. They relate to world politics since World War II, the cold war, Soviet-American relations, the Soviet economic system, diplomatic negotiations during the Vietnam War, and the Security and Intelligence Foundation.

Bailey Willis papers, 1916–43
The studies, correspondence, and photographs of this American geologist relate to activities of Stanford University and former Stanford students during World War I, the Tacna-Arica boundary dispute, European topography, and submarine warfare logistics during World War II.

William Offutt Doub papers, 1970–74
The correspondence, memoranda, and printed matter of Doub, who was a member of the US Atomic Energy Commission from 1971 to 1974, relate to nuclear energy in the United States, including licensing nuclear power plants and nuclear safety issues.

American Association for Higher Education records, 1944–2005
This collection relates to higher education in the United States. It consists of minutes, memoranda, correspondence, and printed matter of this private nonprofit organization dedicated to the promotion of higher education.