Hoover fellows play key roles in campaigns of McCain and Obama

Monday, October 6, 2008
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John Taylor, Stanford University economist and Hoover fellow has gotten a more visible role on the McCain team during the financial meltdown.

As the nation’s economy unraveled, McCain gave more visibility to a marquee economist with government experience, tapping Taylor, whose “Taylor Rule” governs worldwide banking. A former Bush treasury undersecretary and already a top McCain economic adviser, Taylor was at the Arizona senator's side during bailout negotiations.

Michael Boskin, Stanford economist and Hoover fellow is also advising McCain during this “challenging” time.

Boskin has advised every Republican nominee since Ronald Reagan and served as chairman of George H.W. Bush's Council of Economic Advisers. Boskin is also part of an informal team of Hoover economic advisers who are helping their colleague John Taylor on issues ranging from taxes to trade to finance. They've been convening more regularly in recent weeks. Quips Boskin, “It's interesting, enjoyable, and, of course, challenging.”

Michael McFaul, Stanford political science professor and Hoover fellow, plays a visible role in advising Obama when Russia acts up.

After Russia invaded Georgia this summer, Professor McFaul met with Obama on an airplane, and the two discussed Russia-U.S. relations for hours while flying around California. McFaul, who has worked with several former Democratic presidential candidates, called the episode “the most intense I've ever had in terms of being an adviser.” McFaul, an expert on Russia and Iran, is on the special debate prep team and reports, “This is crunchtime.”

William Perry, former Clinton defense secretary and a Hoover fellow, also has Obama's ear.